Urban Refugees in Pakistan


Welcome to the urbanrefugees.datanirvana.org site which contains information and statistics on the locations and services available in areas with large urban populations of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.  Use the menu at the top of the page to navigate to each location or sector.  The following pages summarise the information contained on the site:

  1. Analysis – Overview of the gaps in service delivery by sector and location.
  2. Sectors – List of all the sectors, the available services and remaining gaps
  3. Locations – Lists all the districts in Pakistan with an overview of the population size in each
  4. Maps – Summaries of popular locations of each major city in which Afghan refugees live

During December 2014 and January 2015, a mapping was conducted in urban locations throughout the country where significant numbers of Afghan refugee populations are residing in order to identify issues affecting these populations, existing community structures, services available to Afghan refugees as well as the presence of security structures. This exercise was undertaken in close collaboration with the CAR offices in each province as well as other partners in order to support the formulation of a government policy on urban refugees and to complement efforts by CCAR in this regard during 2014.

Information on the urban locations in which refugees are living, as well as estimates of unregistered Afghan migrants in these locations have been collated together with issues in thematic areas such as security, protection, community structures, health, education, legal assistance, livelihoods and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). The key findings are summarised in the analysis and the full information that was collected can be browsed by sector or location .