Summary – Islamabad

Pakistanis: 805,235
Afghan refugees: 33,524
Urban Afghan refugees: 33,524
Unregistered Afghans (estimated): 1,100
Religious composition: Sunni 100%
Main areas of Origin: Bamyaan, Kabul, Logar, Jalalabad and Kandahar in Afghanistan
Ethnicities of Afghans: Pashtun: 80%
  Tajik: 10%
  Hazara: 10%
Housing situation: Afghans have low cost rented housing. The majority are living in slums/irregular settlements with limited facilities.
Additional Observations: There are considerably more refugee women and children as compared to men. The women and children tend to be in more vulnerable situations.

Most of the refugees speak Dari, Pashto and Persian languages as their first language. Most of them are also familiar with Urdu language.

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