Summary – Karachi

Pakistanis: 10,467,602
Afghan refugees: 62,758
Urban Afghan refugees: 62,758
Unregistered Afghans (estimated): 48,700
Religious composition: Sunni 95%
  Shia 5%
Main areas of Origin: Kunduz, Farayab, Baghlan, Kabul, Ghazni, Kandahar, Mazhar Sharif, Bamiyan, Saripul, Farah and Takhar in Afghanistan
Ethnicities of Afghans: Pashtun: 85%
  Hazara: 5%
  Uzbek: 4%
  Tajik: 4%
  Turkmen: 2%
Housing situation: South and East Karachi (Korangi and Landi): Rented housing, typically constructed of cement

West, North and Central Karachi: Owned and rented housing in slums, typically constructed of cement
Additional Observations: Housing is conjested in the slum areas.

Government owned land is occupied by the inhabitants in UC-4 and UC-5 of district Malir.

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