Summary – Abbottabad

Pakistanis: 1,430,238
Afghan refugees: 18,154
Urban Afghan refugees: 17,895
Unregistered Afghans (estimated): 2,000
Religious composition: Sunni 100%
Main areas of Origin: Logar, Kabul and Nangarhar in Afghanistan
Ethnicities of Afghans: Pashtun: 100%
Housing situation: All refugees live in rented pukka (mud) houses.
Additional Observations: Chhachi, Gujarii, Hindko, Majhi, Pahari, Pashto and Potohari, some of which are considered dialects of Punjabi and Urdu, are the predominant languages of the district.

The main tribes are Dhunds, Tanolis, Awans, Jadoons, Kashmiris, Shilmani, Sarrara (a section of the Dhund-Abbasi), Karlals, Qureshi, Mughals, Gujjars, Syed and Satti

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