Protection – Peshawar

In Peshawar, the Child Welfare Commission (GoP) has established one child friendly space. Given the number of refugees in Peshawar, there have been surprisingly few projects oriented towards adolescents and youth.

SACH, SHARP and DRC provide counselling for SGBV survivors and a protection referral network is active in Peshawar.

There are many social protection providers in Peshawar, including the following organisations:

  • Noor Education Trust (NET),
  • Halfway shelter home (a project of Ministry of Social Welfare and Women Development),
  • Pakistan Red Crescent Society,
  • United Rural Development Organization (URDO),
  • Salik Development Foundation (SDF),
  • Human Resource Organization (HRO),
  • Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan,
  • De Laas Gul (DLG),
  • Human Concern International (HCI),
  • Fatimid Foundation,
  • DOST Foundation,
  • Khyber Eye Foundation (KEF),
  • PIPOS-Patient Care Centre, Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar. Telephone: 091-9217150 (Artificial Limb centre, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar),
  • RCPD, Peshawar, Umeed Abad No. 2, Swati Gate, Peshawar, Pakistan (P.O. Box 201). Telephone: +92-91-5252618 / +92-91-5252618,
  • Network for Human & Social Development (NHSD),
  • International Medical Corps (IMC),
  • Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP),
  • BPDO,
  • Health sector Reforms Unit, KP,
  • Provincial MNCH Program,
  • Centre of Excellence for Rural Development CERD,
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC),
  • Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN),
  • Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC),
  • Resource Organization for Advancement & Development (ROAD),
  • Participatory Village Development Programme (PVDP),
  • United Nation population Fund (UNFPA),
  • Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP),
  • Child welfare Commission (CPWC),
  • FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA),
  • World Food Programme (WFP),
  • Islamic Relief (IR),
  • Merlin,
  • Youth Resource Centre (YRC),
  • The Education Health Social Awareness’ and Rehabilitation Foundation (EHSAR),
  • Justice Peace Initiative,
  • Peace and Development Organization (PADO),
  • Tribal Women Welfare Association,
  • De Laas Gul (DLG),
  • Khwendo Kor (KK),
  • Aurat Foundation (AF),
  • Shirat Gah,
  • Blue Veins,
  • Association for Behaviour and Knowledge Transformation (ABKT),
  • Khpal Kor Foundation (KKF) Swat-shelter home,
  • The Hawa Loor,
  • Special Education Complex,
  • Aware Girl Organization,
  • Pak Khyber Welfare Organization,
  • Poverty Eradication Initiative,
  • Community Motivation Development Organization (CMDO),
  • Government Institute for Blind (boys),
  • Just Peace International (JPI),
  • Hamza Foundation Peshawar,
  • Awan Raza Khalil Firm,
  • Tanzeem Lisail Walmehroom,
  • Women Crisis Center,
  • Mary Stopes Society

Constructive improvements in Peshawar include:

  1. Creating an education facility and livelihoods opportunities for refugees with specific needs.
  2. Greater involvement and empowerment of refugees with specific needs in community activities
  3. As noted in the section on livelihoods, skills trainings, general capacity building and support for youths and small business startups via business loans would all benefit people with disabilities in these communities.