Protection – Nowshera

In Nowshera, there are no specific child friendly spaces and no known projects with activities oriented towards adolescents and youth.

The child protection unit of the child welfare commission is active in identifying and resolving child protection issues regardless of the children’s nationality or area of origin.

Committees of adolescents have been formed by the child protection unit in government schools. Sessions have included body protection awareness.

Direct intervention on the legal issues of children are investigated by child protection officers and lawyers within the child protection unit. A budget of 40,000 PKR per month is made available to fulfil the needs of children requiring protection related assistance.

A strong referral mechanism has been developed with government departments and national and international organizations. The referral mechanism is encapsulated in a binding memorandum of understanding which has been signed by all government departments.

In Nowshera, the Deputy Commissioner provides oversight for child protection cases including:

  1. Ensure children including orphans, street children, out-of-school and children involved in child labour are going to schools.
  2. Reunification of separated, unaccompanied and run away children with their parents / guardians.
  3. Rehabilitation and psychosocial support of children with disabilities, drug addiction or who have experienced traumatic situations.
  4. Resolve legal issues e.g. child marriage, juvenile injustice, violence, abuse, birth registration etc.
  5. Investigate and resolve other child protection issues e.g. corporal punishment, trafficking and kidnapping.

Funding remains tight for all organisations involved in child protection activities in Nowshera.