Health – Mansehra

A national expanded program of immunisation (EPI) started in 1994 there are 880 lady health workers (LHW) working throughout Mansehra.

The following public health activities are active in Mansehra:

  • TB Control,
  • Leprosy Control,
  • Malaria Control,
  • Nutrition & Health Education,
  • Preventive Dental Care

Mansehra hosts the following public health facilities:

  • 1 DHQ Hospital,
  • 1 Leprosy Hospital Mansehra,
  • 1 DHQ Hospitals,
  • 9 Civil Hospitals,
  • 8 Rural Health Centres,
  • 58 Basic Health units,
  • 18 Civil Dispensaries,
  • 3 MCH centres,
  • 1 TB centre,
  • 4 Leprosy Clinics (within FLCFs)

It has been reported that refugees often have difficulties accessing public hospitals. They often have to wait for longer than patients from the host community and are not given free medicine from the available stock.

All of the government health facilities need modernisation.