Health – Mardan

Mardan hosts the following public health facilities:

  • 1 Teaching Hospital,
  • 1 District hospital,
  • 1 Tertiary hospital,
  • 6 Regional Health Clinics,
  • 49 BHUs,
  • 14 Dispensaries,
  • 2 Mother and Child Health Centres,
  • 2 other health facilities

Private health facilities include 4 medical centres and 6 hospitals. In addition, a number of private clinics are also available.

Refugees and unregistered Afghan migrants generally cannot access public hospitals. Those refugees that are admitted normally have to pay for the same services that are free for the host community (e.g. Hepatitis and Thalassemia). Health officials at these centres instead refer Afghans to one of the BHUs or health facilities in the refugee villages.

The executive district office (Health) has requested support from international partners to provide support to the health sector in particular.