Health – Nowshera

Public health facilities in Nowshera include:

  • 1 District hospital,
  • 1 Tertiary hospital (MRHSM in PABBI),
  • 2 Civil Hospitals (Category D – AKORA KHATAK & ZIYARAT KAKA SAHIB),
  • 6 Rural Health Centres (RHC),
  • 16 Civil dispensaries,
  • 3 Mother and Child health centres,
  • 1 Sub health Centres,
  • 30 Basic Health Units (BHU),
  • 1 TB Clinic,
  • At least 150 Private Hospitals and Clinics (EDO estimate)

There are many organisation supporting the government in the health sector in Nowshera, including: CHIP, Merlin, IRC, Johanniter, Flower, Youth Catalyst Pakistan, URDO, CAMP and BDN.

There have been a number of projects within the RAHA programme in the health sector ranging from the provision of equipment, sterilized tools, furniture and refrigerators to the construction of labour rooms and maternity centres.

Afghan refugees are admitted to government health facilities without prejudice, though unregistered Afghan migrants generally cannot access public hospitals.

The refugee community would benefit from greater awareness of common health problems and how they can be mitigated.