Health – Lahore

The following health facilities are available in Lahore:

  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, 17-Queen’s Road,
  • Mayo Hospital,
  • Lady Willington Hospital,
  • Lady Aitcheson Hospital,
  • District head quarter hospital,
  • Fountain mental health hospital,
  • Railway hospital,
  • Fatima Memorial Hospital,
  • Shadman,
  • Khair-un-Nisa Hospital, Civic Centre, Faisal Town

Several health related projects have been completed within the RAHA programme:

  • Renovation of BHU duildings,
  • Provision of equipment and furniture in Mayo hospital,
  • Provision of equipment and Furniture in Mian Munshi (DHQ Lahore)

Private hospitals are expensive for refugees and therefore rarely utilised.

Refugees and unregistered Afghan migrants generally can access public hospitals in Lahore. Those Afghans that are admitted normally have to pay for the same services (called Bait-ul-Mas) that are free for the host community (e.g. Hepatitis and Thalassemia).

The Afghan community in Lahore has requested greater advocacy by UNHCR with the provincial government (specifically the Ministry of Social Welfare) so that Bait-ul-mas could be extended to include Afghan refugees.

The refugee community would benefit from greater awareness of common health problems and how they can be mitigated.