Health – Karachi

Public health facilities in Karachi include:

  • Civil Hospital,
  • Jinnah Hospital,
  • Dow Medical Hospital,
  • Sindh Hospital Korangi/Landi,
  • KPT Hospital Kemari,
  • BHU Tarogoth

Private health facilities include:

  • Zia Uddin Hospital Nazimabad,
  • Liaqat National Hospital,
  • Kiran Hopital Gulshan,
  • Patel Hospital Gulshan,
  • Memo Hospital Gulshan,
  • Sultan Hospital Korangi,
  • Indus Hospital Korangi,
  • Al-Mustafa Hospital Gulshan,
  • Asadullah Medical Centre,
  • Madina General Hospital Gulshan Ghazi,
  • Faiz-u-Rehan General Hospital Metrovil Site,
  • Ali Children General Hospital Ittihad Town,
  • Agha Medical Centre Gadap town

Refugees and unregistered Afghan migrants generally cannot access public hospitals in Karachi. Those Afghans that are admitted receive a sub-standard quality of service.

However, SHARP does refer Afghan refugees and asylum seekers for primary health services.

The Afghan community has recommended that health services should be more accessible in Karachi, possibly through outreach visits to scattered communities.

The refugee community would benefit from greater awareness of the available health services and how to access these services as well as common health problems and how they can be mitigated. Establishing community level health committees would help these communities develop stronger linkages with the government health authorities.