Education – Charsadda

In Charsadda, the total number of public (government) schools is as follows:

  • 1,001 Primary schools (550 for boys and 451 for girls)
  • 109 Middle Schools (56 for boys and 53 for girls)
  • 96 Secondary Schools (63 for boys and 33 for girls)
  • 22 Higher Secondary (13 for boys and 9 for girls)
  • 1 Prang Degree College (both boys and girls)
  • Bacha Khan University

Private Education Facilities:

  • Primary (76 Male/Female)
  • Middle (146 male/female)
  • Secondary (161 male/female)

Within the RAHA programme, there have been a few education projects in Charsadda, including:

  • Construction of additional class rooms in Government schools along with provision of furniture.
  • Rehabilitation of existing Government school buildings.
  • Provision of computers to computer lab in one Government school.

Afghan refugee children can generally attend government schools in Charsadda. Unregistered Afghan migrants are not normally able to present the school administration with legal documentation for their children, who are therefore not normally allowed to attend school or other educational institutions.