Education – Nowshera

Government schools:

  • 781 primary schools (432 for boys and 349 for girls)
  • 91 middle schools (47 for boys and 44 for girls)
  • 92 secondary schools (65 for boys and 27 for girls)
  • 18 higher secondary schools (9 for boys and 9 for girls)

Private Schools:

  • 129 primary schools
  • 122 middle schools
  • 95 secondary schools
  • 20 higher secondary schools

There have been several education projects within the RAHA programme, including the construction of 18 additional classrooms, 9 latrines, the provision of furniture and more general rehabilitation of schools.

Refugee communities in Nowshera are generally not encouraged to enrol their children in government schools as there is very limited capacity (too little even for the host community alone). The lack of capacity is particularly acute for girls.

Education facilities in Nowshera could be improved by:

  • Awareness raising campaigns within the refugee community on the importance of Education
  • Improving the access of Afghan children to government schools, potentially by further extension or rehabilitation of schools through additional RAHA projects.
  • Assisting parents who cannot afford their children receive education (see also the notes on child labour in the livelihoods posts).