Education – Mardan

In Mardan, there are the following schools:

  • 2,387 primary schools (772 for boys and 1,615 for girls)
  • 202 middle schools (98 for boys and 104 for girls)
  • 125 secondary schools (59 for boys and 66 for girls)
  • 43 higher secondary schools (27 for boys and 16 for girls)
  • 1 University

There are currently three projects in Mardan managed by non-government organisations for the rehabilitation of public schools (source EDO Education), including Human Aid, PAIMAN and a RAHA education projects.

According to the EDO Education, admission of refugee students to government schools is without prejudice in Mardan. The refugee community however, highlighted that enrolling their children in government schools was not straightforward.

The attendance of girls in Mardan at an estimated 98% is much higher than in other locations. This is due to the relatively high number of girls schools, particularly primary schools, and in addition, the district authorities provide a monthly stipend to the families of female students to incentivise their attendance.

Nevertheless, the majority of schools require rehabilitation, additional rooms and improved WASH facilities.

Additional advocacy by UNHCR with the education department to ensure that refugee children can be (and are) enrolled in government schools would be beneficial.