Education – Lahore

In Lahore, refugee children attend the following schools:

  • Government boys middle school paki thati samanabad,
  • Government boys middle school gul bahar colony,
  • Government girls high school sanda kalan, gotv girls middle school shadara,
  • Government girls junior model school chah meera,
  • Government girls junior model school mochi gate,
  • Government boys middle school ravi road,
  • Government boys middle school islampura,
  • Government girls primary school nawa kot ,
  • Government muslim model high school out fall road

Two education projects have been completed in Lahore within the RAHA programme:

  1. Construction of 12 rooms along with 4 toilets
  2. Rehabilitation and repair of three classrooms, 1 Hall and 2 toilets in Data Gunj Bakhash Town, UC 74, 71

In Lahore, refugees felt there was clear discrimination in the admissions procedure to government schools with many Afghan families unable to enrol their children. Greater coordination and advocacy with the government is required and / or Afghan schools.

School attendance of girls is extremely low compared with boys, especially once the girls reach their teens (end of middle school). Awareness campaigns within the refugee community would help to explain the importance of all children having the opportunity to attend school.